Tree Trimming Services In Denver

Each of our tree trimming crews working throughout the Denver Metro area is led by a licensed arborist – a “tree doctor” trained and certified in maintaining the health and safety of trees.

Compared to trees in a forest, trees growing in an urban or suburban setting often need a little help from an arborist to help them stay healthy and safe in spite of limited access to sunshine and the crowding from nearby structures or other planted trees.

You can be confident that our tree trimming and pruning services will be done carefully and thoughtfully to extend the life of your trees and enhance their beauty and function for years to come.

Tree Trimming to Remove Deadwood

Dead branches aren’t always an indication of a tree in distress. In fact, dead branches can be a sign that a tree is growing rapidly as it replaces old limbs with new ones and as its growth shifts upward.  

Dead branches will fall sooner or later and could pose a danger if they’re left alone. We’ll remove them to improve the tree’s appearance and to protect your structures and property as well as the people nearby.  

Tree Trimming for Crown Thinning and Storm Damage Mitigation

Without proper tree trimming, trees can become top-heavy and densely foliated over time, catching every bit of wind and every flake of snow. When that happens, major branches and even the trees themselves represent a significant hazard to nearby structures and people.

Additionally, as trees grow, their branches can extend dangerously close to walls, chimneys, windows, eaves, power lines, and sidewalks. Windstorms, snow burdens, and growth over time increase these risks. We carefully trim selected branches to make your trees much more stable in these weather conditions, but without compromising the beneficial shade and privacy you want.

Tree Trimming for Shape

Severely asymmetrical and lopsided trees, or trees with branches crisscrossing and rubbing against each other, can be an eyesore and even reduce property values. Unlike shrubs and hedges, though, the answer is not to simply round out the edges and indiscriminately cut off portions of protruding branches.

Our crews will strategically prune and shape your trees in a way that allows them to re-form and maintain a natural, symmetrical shape over time. 

Formative Tree Trimming

For many varieties of trees, the best way to ensure a long-term, healthy structure and minimize the need for later corrective tree trimming is to carefully prune or “train” the trees in their early years. This kind of preemptive intervention can promote strong trunk development and long-term structural integrity.

Our arborists and tree trimmers are experts at picking up on small clues in young trees and addressing them before they lead to big problems down the road.  

Tree Trimming to Comply with Municipal Codes

Municipal codes and neighborhood association rules regarding trees can be quite detailed. Cities and townships are concerned with safety issues like tree branches coming near power lines, sidewalks, and streets. Associations are concerned with those issues too, along with a tree’s appearance and its encroachment on neighboring properties.

Our arborists are locally certified and licensed, and they can help keep the trees on your property in compliance.

Honeybee Removal from Trees

Before we do any tree trimming, we’ll safely remove and preserve any honeybee colonies that have made a home in the tree.

Our team will come by in the evening, one day before our work is scheduled, to safely seal off the hive, remove the affected portion of the tree, and then transport the hive to our honeybee keepers.

Emergency Tree Trimming

In spite of your best efforts to maintain a properly trimmed tree, extremely heavy snows, lightning storms, or windstorms can bring down a portion of your tree.

If this happens, we’ll get to your location as soon as possible to carefully remove the damaged parts of the tree to help it recover faster and look natural and attractive once again. If the tree is damaged beyond recovery, we’ll safely remove it.